Choose Your Words Wisely by Tova Kreps LCSW

Today guest author Tova Kreps, LCSW, Cofounder of Wellspring Counseling, Miami, Florida was happy to share her recent Newsletter article here for our readers.    Choose your words wisely, for once spoken they go forth to create the world in which you will live. What do we know about words? Words define. Socrates stated, “The… Continue reading Choose Your Words Wisely by Tova Kreps LCSW

Wellness! By Katherine Pasour, Guest Blogger

Welcome Katherine as a guest blogger today! I met Katherine at a Serious Writer Conference in North Carolina just before the tragic storm brewed. Katherine Pasour is an author, teacher, and speaker with a passion for our Lord, Jesus and for wellness—her own and for others! Katherine blogs weekly on faith and wellness at… Continue reading Wellness! By Katherine Pasour, Guest Blogger