Hope Springs Eternal

Are you, like me, hoping that some system, person, thing, idea, or event will come along to give us that final feeling of inner well-being we desire?

Do you often hope: “May this book, idea, course, trip, job, country, relationship, supplement, or Dr. make me whole and healthy and fulfill my deepest desire”?

But as long as we are waiting for that mysterious moment we will go on searching, running this way and that, often anxious and restless, sometimes greedy and angry, never fully satisfied. We know that this is the compulsiveness that keeps us going and busy but at the same time makes us wonder whether we are getting anywhere or growing or maturing in the long run. This is the way to spiritual exhaustion, overwhelm, and burnout.

Choices are so numerous it is almost mind boggling. Food plans are numerous and totally contradictory! One plan says eat this. The next plan says do not eat this. Both site Sources. Just who do you follow or believe? Shop for a simple item and literally there can be on line hundreds of choices with prices varying from high to very low.

Each mind, body, person is unique and so it seems more important than ever to “Know Thyself”.

Being mindful, staying in the moment, trusting your gut instinct, prayer and meditation have never been more vital. Getting in touch with the ‘vital few’ and not caught up in the ‘trivial many’ is essential. Remembering there is no silver bullet, perfect, ideal item or ideal usually.

Choices are being made all day long. Being in the moment and remembering the purpose and goals that are essential make decision making much simpler. Reflection time will allow us to focus on the vital few.

Spring is a good time to do a good spring cleaning! Out with anything that is cluttering your mind or physical space, cleaning the windows of your physical space to let the sun in, and cleaning the window to your soul so you can clearly see the path you are to follow.

As Spring emerges, cleaning and clearing will give us the clarity, focus and beauty of living in the present with inner well being and outward simplicity and beauty. Spring forward!

1 thought on “Hope Springs Eternal”

  1. Wow – I hardly know what to say because it seems as if you’ve written a description of my life. After seven decades I’m still searching even though I know that in Christ I have all,

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