Where I’ve Been

I’ve been in education for decades.   My  heart belongs to parents and kids who are navigating school, life and learning!  Much of my career was working as a clinician, educational therapist, or in special programs.  I loved working with children one on one.  I loved working with teachers.  Helping teachers understand the way their special student needed to learn was helpful to everyone concerned.  And then there were the parents!  How I loved and respected the parents for the incredible ways they ached for their children and did whatever they could to support them!  But who was supporting and caring for them?

I’ve also been a Principal and Counselor.  Sitting with parents and feeling their pain, their angst, their overwhelm, and their guilt was heart wrenching.  I’ve been there!

Parents care for and support their children.  But who is caring for the parents?  Many marriages implode dealing with concerns and debates about a special child. Our culture loves to judge and compare and evaluate.  Parents often come out with guilt, inadequacy and self incrimination. Parents need support!

I love encouraging parents!


2 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been”

  1. I agree. Parents need encouragement and support. Parents of my students have shared with me that they really appreciate wise, gentle advice and encouragement from their child’s educators. I am so glad I am not alone in this awesome task of training up children.

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