Hallmark Holiday

Holidays conjure up pictures of Pinterest perfection!

Stunning decor, delectable foods, and perfectly decorated tables and gifts!

Mom’s are never busier! Cards, cooking, shopping, wrapping, decorating, entertaining, parties are just some of the demands! I confess to the time I worked in a stress filled job with little free time to meet all these demands. But boy did I try! And I found myself on Christmas Day, when all of it was over but cleaning up the mess, in my closet with the door shut and tears of exhaustion and disappointment streaming down my face!

I hope you never find yourself there. Please do some self care before you get there!

Step back and look at the big picture. What will your kids remember? How do you want them to remember you? Do they care if the table is beautifully decorated? That all the sides are prepared and on the table?

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy and put pressure on ourselves to do things that the others don’t really even value or care about.

Maybe have a family meeting and talk about memories past. What was fun? What means the most to them? Keep those traditions and let some of the others go.

Factor in some self care- a massage, facial, coffee with a friend!

Lower the bar. Give yourself some breathing room.

Ask for help. Delegate. Share the responsibilities.

Consider your child, especially if they have ADD or a processing weakness that helps them
miss the details or the big picture. Ask and fill in the gaps for them.

Use an Advent calendar or a calendar that they can mark off the days to help see the big picture and how close it is.

Some parents I knew gave one gift every day instead of overwhelming them on Christmas.

Have healthy snacks to counteract the unhealthy deluge of treats- apples, nuts, oranges.

Encourage them to be part of a giving or serving project for others. Make hand made gifts. Have outdoor activities like skating, biking, hiking, or bowling or roller skating events to release energy.

Play peaceful Christmas music. Burn candles. Fireplace on. Diffusing relaxing Essential oils.

Try a Christmas story every evening with popcorn. A family movie night. Make your ambiance peaceful and slow your time down and make family traditions and memories.

Adjust to your energy available, your time available, your budget available and have ideas available that speak Peace, Love and Joy for you and for yours do you can create your own perfect holiday.


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