Some Essentials for Parenting a Child with a Learning Disability

This I know …….

Children who have a learning disability have great parents. Parenting is challenging, but parenting a child with special needs is even more demanding.

For instance, every parent wants their kid to be a success in school, happy, and appreciated for their uniqueness. It is fun to imagine them playing on championship teams, being the lead in the school play, and receiving admiration from friends and family.

However, not every kid can achieve these high ideals!

In reality, most don’t, but somehow we distort the evidence and forget to remember that only the ones sharing on Facebook are those who have had the privilege of their child shining in the spotlight. The other parents are quiet like you.

LD kids have obstacles to overcome and mountains to climb every day. Everything seems a bit more challenging so when they do the ordinary, they shine in our eyes.

How do we keep our perspective and be grateful for what they can do without getting trapped in the comparison game?

How do we do this?

1. Reflect worth and love. You know that God loves them and created them for His pleasure and purpose. Your child looks into your eyes to seek the answer to “am I good enough.” You are the measuring stick by which they measures their self-worth. Do not forget this—ever. Remind them of their immense value.

2. Every school year is an entity unto itself. One year does not predict the outcome for the next. God is not finished with your child YET! I have seen many young stars fade and the unexpected one grow into a star.

3. Do not let a test score or grade define your child—or you. The grade your child receives on an assignment, test, or report card in no way fully reflects his full potential or the job you are doing as a parent. It is just a number.

4. You need self- care! Balance your energy output with self care input. If you are not healthy and whole, you will not be of much benefit to your child. When your car is out of gas it is useless, and so are you when running on empty. Fill your tank. Prayer, journal, walk, coffee break, friend time.

5. Laugh a lot. Humor relieves stress and lightens the heart. It is contagious. A merry heart doeth good like medicine. Proverbs 22:17

Your child is growing and developing. It is a journey.

Enjoy the journey and make the best of each situation knowing tomorrow is a new day with new traveling mercies!

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