In This Together

Have you ever felt like you were side-lined? Stuck? Drained? Alone? I have talked to people recently, especially due to Covid, that feel that they have struggled with those feelings and these feelings resulted in a lack of resiliency, effectiveness, productivity, and purpose in the midst of all the setbacks and waiting for things to return to “normal,” whatever that is.

As I look back on this book-writing journey, a journey that feels like it has been going on forever, I recognize all the times I have felt sidelined, stuck, alone, and caught in a sticky web of unknowing. But somehow during the pandemic, I hunkered down and got to work on this book that was beginning to feel like an impossibility. It wasn’t just my discipline and intention that got me on track again. It took a team, and I realized we were all in it together somehow.

Now that our book is finally at the Publishers, my ponderings are making me stop and try to put words with my reflections. Time to capture the blessings and lessons. Relief that the blood, sweat, and tears are over is the most obvious blessing. But, I realized something larger had been orchestrated as I pondered.

I was never alone, although I often felt alone. Dr. Jen, my chiropractor, did a cool technique called QNRT (Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy) with me.  The following day I just picked up my laptop and I just began writing again. Then when I faced the decision to reduce the book by 2 chapters, I asked my dear friend and neighbor, Elizabeth a writer also, if she would work with me to integrate the 4 chapters into 2 and she agreed. Before you knew it we were able to print a copy of the book and put it in a notebook for the difficult part of editing. My other sister by heart friends, Mary, Pam, and Elaine, seemed pleased to be beta readers and offered edits and readability suggestions. Elaine became my CEO, Chief Encouragement Officer. Another friend, Joyce, who was also working on a book invited me over for writing days and lunch to keep us focused and on target. Another dear friend Sheri, who was a music teacher, helped me incorporate the value of music and learning and encouraged me to keep on keeping on.  I hired my granddaughter, Christina, an English major to be my coach when needed to keep me on track. My son shared his technical expertise with me whenever needed. My co-author was a constant always patiently waiting for me to get back on track.  We met at conferences, condos, picnic tables, tea shops always praying and inspiring one another to remember the calling to write this book for parents.  Other friends and family were praying for me to persevere.

So, you see what I mean?  It took a team to get me and keep me on track!  The support, prayers, wisdom, skills, advice, input, love, and care of my family and friends were evidence of the strategic hand of God orchestrating all these loving people to work together in my life by bolstering and supporting me in the birthing of this book.  And the pandemic allowed lots of time and space to be at home with a task and a purpose. What an important lesson! What a rich blessing!

I think the lesson here is about entering into the lives of one another.  We all have or will face challenges or trials or difficulties at some point. There are things that sideline us, get us stuck, make us feel as if we are drowning, and alone, but when we do have a breakthrough, a triumph, getting back on track again, that blessing isn’t just for us to enjoy but it is to be used for the edification of others in their trial or difficulty.  To show gratitude for that blessing we can share, encourage, and inspire others. The lesson can be a motivation for each of us to show up and be there for one another by walking the hard parts of life with one another.

More lessons and blessings will emerge as I continue to ponder.  Enough pondering for today! We are all connected as we journey forward.  Let us remember the joy, gratitude, and gift we have knowing our God orchestrates and gathers together others so we know we are not alone, but we do have travel companions. What a lesson! My heart is overflowing with gratitude to God and to those who were on my team bolstering and supporting me.  What a blessing!

A lesson and blessing I will always cherish.

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